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Cerebral Palsy Community


Cerebral Palsy Community

Cerebral Palsy Community - This channel support for our Cerebral Palsy Kids and Community hope get lucky and miracles from God bless to our son and friends who has the same shortcomings to better on life. Read details about Cerebral Palsy, preventing, theraphy, guide, practice, tips and more.

Cerebral Palsy Community

Cerebral Palsy Kids
Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood.
Signs and side effects differ among individuals regularly, manifestations incorporate poor coordination, solid muscles, frail muscles, and tremors. There might be issues with sensation, vision, hearing, gulping, and talking. Frequently indulges with cerebral paralysis don't move over, sit, creep, or stroll as ahead of schedule as other offspring of their age. Different indications incorporate seizures and issues with considering or thinking, each of which happens in around 33% of individuals with CP. While the manifestations may get more detectable over the initial couple of years of life, the hidden issues don't exacerbate after some time.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral paralysis is caused by irregular improvement or harm to the parts of the cerebrum that control development, adjust and act. Regularly the issues happen amid pregnancy; nonetheless, they may likewise happen amid labor, or soon after birth. Frequently the reason is obscure. Hazard factors incorporate preterm birth, being a twin, certain contaminations amid pregnancy, for example, toxoplasmosis or rubella, presentation to methylmercury amid pregnancy, a troublesome conveyance, and head injury amid the initial couple of years of life, among others. Around 2% of cases are accepted to be because of an acquired hereditary reason. Various sub-sorts are ordered in light of the particular issues exhibit. For instance, those with solid muscles have spastic cerebral paralysis, those with poor coordination have ataxic cerebral paralysis, and those with squirming developments have athetoid cerebral paralysis. Finding depends on the tyke's improvement after some time. Blood tests and restorative imaging might be utilized to preclude other conceivable causes

Cerebral Palsy Indonesia
Cerebral Palsy Community

Cerebral Palsy Indonesia dikenal dengan lumpuh otak yaitu suatu kondisi terganggunya fungsi otak dan jaringan saraf yang mengendalikan gerakan, laju belajar, pendengaran, penglihatan, kemampuan berpikir.

Penyebab lumpuh otak sampai saat ini belum dapat dipastikan, banyak orang beranggapan bahwa CP disebabkan oleh karena:

1) Bayi lahir prematur sehingga bagian otak belum berkembang dengan sempurna.

2) Bayi lahir tidak langsung menangis sehingga otak kekurangan oksigen saat dalam kandungan (bahasa Inggris: hypoxia)

3) Adanya cacat tulang belakang dan pendarahan di otak.

Secara umum Cerebral Palsy Indonesia dikelompokkan dalam empat jenis yaitu:

1. CP Spastik (tipe kaku-kaku) dialami saat penderita terlalu lemah atau terlalu kaku. Jenis ini adalah jenis yang paling sering muncul. Sekitar 65 persen penderita lumpuh otak masuk dalam tipe ini.

2. Atetoid terjadi dimana penderita yang tidak bisa mengontrol gerak ototnya, biasanya mereka punya gerakan atau posisi tubuh yang tidak biasa.

3. Kombinasi adalah campuran spastic dan athetoid.

4. Hipotonis terjadi pada anak-anak dengan otot-otot yang sangat lemah sehingga seluruh tubuh selalu terkulai. Biasanya berkembang menjadi spastic atau athetoid.

Lumpuh otak anak cerebral palsy juga bisa berkombinasi dengan gangguan epilepsi, mental, belajar, penglihatan, pendengaran, maupun bicara.

For some youngsters with CP, guardians are intensely associated with self-mind exercises. Self-mind exercises, for example, washing, dressing, prepping, can be troublesome for kids with CP as self-mind depends fundamentally on utilization of the upper appendages. For those living with CP, disabled upper appendage work influences just about half of kids and is viewed as the principle factor adding to diminished movement and cooperation. As the hands are utilized for some, self-mind undertakings, tactile and engine debilitations of the hands make day by day self-mind more troublesome. Engine weaknesses cause a bigger number of issues than tangible impedances. The most widely recognized disability is that of finger finesse, which is the capacity to control little questions with the fingers. Contrasted with different handicaps, individuals with cerebral paralysis by and large need more help in performing day by day assignments

Sampai saat ini belum ada obat yang bisa menyembuhkan lumpuh otak. Namun tetap ada harapan untuk mengoptimalkan kemampuan anak lumpuh otak dan membuatnya mandiri dengan terapi.

Terapi yang diberikan pada penderita lumpuh otak akan disesuaikan dengan:

1. Usia anak

2. Berat/ ringan penyakit

3. Menimbang dari area pada otak mana yang rusak.

Meski ada bagian otak yang rusak, namun sel-sel yang bagus akan menutupi sel-sel yang rusak, dengan cara mengoptimalkan bagian otak yang sehat seperti pemberian rangsangan agar otak anak berkembang baik. Rangsangan/ stimulasi otak secara intensif bisa dilakukan melalui panca indera. Salah satu cara adalah dengan Compensatory Dendrite Sprouting yaitu rangsangan agar dendrit tersebar dengan berimbang.

Beberapa orangtua yang memiliki anak penderita lumpuh otak mengaku berhasil mengoptimalkan kemampuan anak Cerebral Palsy lewat metode Glenn Doman therapy. Ada juga yang melakukan terpi sendiri dengan melatih setiap hari gerakan gerakan otot tangan dan kaki serta otak dengan bantuan alat dan kosultasi ke klinik terapi.
Metode ini digunakan untuk anak dengan cedera otak berupa patterning (pola) untuk melatih :

Gerakan kaki dan tangan (merayap, merangkak)
Senam membatu melemaskan otak dan otot yang kaku hal ini sebaiknya sering dilakukan dengan bantuan orang tua atau pengasuh.

Menghirup oksigen (masking) untuk melatih paru-paru agar membesar.
Kecukupan oksigen sangat membantu meningkatkan perkembangan anak, alangkah baiknya ruang tiduk anak CP di pasang AC untuk meningkatkan kadar oksigen ruangan.

Cerebral Palsy Tips

1. Use an Air Conditioner to increase the Oxygen capacity
2. Follow the therapy or message dayly and continues in step by step
3. Bring to fresh air and get the warm of morning sunlight.
4. Visit Cerebral Palsy Community website and get the same friends or join the group Cerebral Palsy Community to add insight and increase confidence.
5. Consult a family physician and therapy to obtain sufficient information in caring for a cerebral palsy kids.
6. Do a massage with warm oil that containing a ginger to facilitate the flow of blood.
7. Use the cerebral palsy tools to help being a normal children.
8. Never leave CP Kids too long in one postions, help to move on.
8. Always keep by motivating the CP child.

Since 1998, more than 1700 brain injured children have had significant improvements after doing sompensatory dendrite sprouting therapy. Consequently, the ipsilateral dendrites of the deprived interneuron sprout, grow aberrantly across the ganglionic midline, and terminate specifically in the intact auditory neuropile of the contralateral (unlesioned) side, where they form functional synapses with the contralateral afferents. This unusual compensatory dendritic sprouting restores auditory function to the neuron. Advertisement